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"I can't tell you how much this product helped me in my last Master's level class. The ability to read all of the research papers in .PDF format really helped speed up my research. Can't say enough good things about the product! I love it!"

Russ Foszczr

" Please be assured that I think that RapidReader is a great product - I'm getting to the point where I'm not sure how I coped without it. "

New Zealand

"From personal experience I can say that Softology’s claims for RapidReader are met or exceeded. When I first found RapidReader I also looked at rival products. They were nowhere near as comfortable and easy to use as RapidReader’s text rendering.

Wireless Dev Net Magazine

"With RapidReader, I feel like the program does the reading and I do the comprehending. It's amazing!"

John Collier
Bethesda, MD

"I downloaded a demo version of RR Pro for Windows around the 15th August and tonight purchased the full version. PS. What a fantastic product!"

Graeme Scully

"I use two speeds. One is what I call "progress report" speed,to read those documents you sort of have to read but don't really want to. I'm reaching 850 wpm for those -Another advantage.. it doesn't allow your mind to wander when reading."

Jean-Louis Tambay
Ottowa Ontario

"I am enjoying RR immensely. I use it mainly to read through large stacks of online material, which is part of my research as a journalist. Yesterday I had to read a large document of some 50 pages and with RR it took less than an hour."

Hidde Tangerman
RR Mac


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Study Shows That We Can Read Far Faster Than We Thought Possible

All it takes is a little help from your computer.


N studies conducted at major universities* researchers discovered that people were capable of reading and comprehending 1600 words per minute with no prior training or practice. How? By changing the display of text and presenting it like a movie or video. The net result was that the reader could sit back and absorb the material by simply watching it. Now, that same accelerated reading ability is available to you on your own computer. Anytime anywhere you choose.

Imagine the information power you'd have when you can read, comprehend and absorb information at that astonishing rate. Having that kind of ability is a true productivity game changer whether your goal is to amass knowledge or simply save time.

Why Is Reading Faster so Difficult?

  • RapidReader for Mac OS X
From numerous studies there emerged two main obstacles to higher reading speed.

1) The actual physical labor required to move your eyes back and forth across the page as you find and focus on each word. This process is not only tiring, it's time consuming.

2) The habit of "sounding out" words in our heads as we read. This is an unnecessary left-over from childhood when we were first learning to read. And it means our reading speed is essentially reduced to how fast we can talk.

Previously the only way around these limitations was to take a speed-reading course. These are costly, require hours of practice and most importantly, for most people, it's only a short-term solution. It takes a lot of effort to maintain it as a useful skill. Now, there's a new solution making it easy and natural to dramatically increase your reading speed.

It Took the Advent of the Personal Computer to Make a New Solution Possible

After nearly 10 years of research and development SoftOlogy IdeaWorks created the RapidReader Engine. The idea was to take the experiment out of the lab and make it practical for everyday use. Whenever you have to read on screen all it takes is just one click and the software immediately makes you far more efficient. RapidReader supports all the formats you use most, MS Word, Web, PDF*, even e-mail and attachments.*
•requires RapidReader PRO for Windows.

Why RapidReader Works

It plays to our natural strengths. If you compare the task of reading with the ease of watching a movie that becomes instantly clear. No one has to teach us how to watch a movie. We are very efficient at recognizing visual symbols. And we can process them at extremely high speeds.

In the clinincal setting they found out that there is an important advantage to moving the text to the center of our field of vision and displaying it to us like a movie. What happens is that we recognize the words for what they actually are symbols. Like a stop sign. We don't need to sound them out to know what they mean.. all we have to do is look. The association between the symbol and meaning is automatic. This translates into much higher reading speed.

To further support their research findings subjects were given a brain scan while reading in this fashion. The result was surprising. It turned out that a completely different part of the brain lit up. It wasn't the area linked to reading and language it was the area called the visual cortex. This is where we process visual information including symbols. And our brains are very fast in doing so. Much faster than we are at converting symbols into language and then sounding them out. That's why RapidReader Works. It simply accommodates the display of words to the way we most naturally process symbols. It's sort of "cuts out the middleman" and allows us to understand directly from what were seeing. This isn't "voodoo" it’s simply the practical application of science to solve a problem.

The Patented RapidReader Software Engine

Why RapidReader Is Unique and Patented

The key to natural readability even at very high-speeds is RapidReader's patented Human Cadence™ The RapidReader Difference: The Rhythms of Human Language

In addition to applying years of research to everyday reading tasks, RapidReader invented a breakthrough concept; the patented "Human Cadence"™ technology. As you use RapidReader you will notice a rhythm to the display of words. The display is carefully modulated to "time" the words so they are displayed in the cadence of human speech. This is a critical advance in using the computer for accelerating reading speed in daily use. This makes reading comprehension easy, comfortable and natural even at very high speeds. Humans are "hard-wired" from birth to understand speech. And even before we understand words themselves, the rhythm of language is highly significant to our understanding of the context of what's being said.

display technology. This is the difference between tiring, difficult onscreen reading and the speed and comfort of RapidReader. RapidReader was developed by applying more than 10 years of research from major universities. SoftOlogy IdeaWorks took the results out of the lab and created a software tool that you'll use everyday to streamline your information tasks. You use your computer to assist you with all sorts of tasks, why not use it to automatically accelerate your reading ability too?

With RapidReader you'll increase your Comprehension
We've all had the experience of forgetting what we just read. At typical reading speeds our brains are processing information much faster than we are able to read it. This can lead to distraction while our mind is waiting around for the next word to process.

The results of a joint study conducted by SoftOlogy IdeaWorks and University of Southern California showed significant improvement in comprehension using RapidReader while reading at more than three times the average speed on a computer.

even at very high speeds.

What's more you'll improve your Retention Retention is closely linked to attention. RapidReader's compelling high speed display dramatically improves your reading focus by accelerating the reading process. It holds your attention while making it easier for you to digest more information in less time.

remembering more of what you've read.

There are no expensive courses or tedious hours of practice required. Just immediate results. But please don't take our word for it. Download the FREE TRIAL, let the brief included tutorial guide you and you'll literally multiply your reading speed by 5X the very first time you use it. Think of how you could increase your productivity and your leisure time when you can cut to a fraction the time you spend on your "must-do" reading.

Cut your reading time to a fraction

For more information on how RapidReader will save you time on your everyday information tasks please visit our FAQ page.

Read Up to 950 Words Per Minute

  • Instantly Load PDF, MS Word, Web Pages, E-mail and attachments
  • Read Blogs, Whitepapers, Business Reports, School Assignments
  • Select your Reading Speed from 150-950 wpm
  • Just Sit Back and Watch-- There's No Scrolling,
  • Customize Your Font, Size and Screen Position
  • Large Text Relieves Eyestrain
  • 3 Views-- Paragraph, Turbo and Pause Mode
  • Add Notes, Highlites and Bookmarks
  • Save PDF, Web Pages as RapidReader Files
  • Share as E-mail Attachments or via DropBox


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