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Studies Show We Can Read Far Faster Than We Thought Possible

All it takes is a little help from your computer.

RapidReader's patented accelerated reading software can save you a lot of time when you're "Reading for Purpose". This isn't the kick off your shoes, relax and curl up with a good book kind of reading. It's the kind you need to do for work, school or your professional life. Saving a couple of hours a week on the reading you're required to do can make a big difference on the time you have for the other things in life.

How RapidReader works.

Just drag and drop a document to open in RapidReader

It's simple to use and always available when you need it...

The RapidReader software analyzes the content of the file, extracts the text and then configures it for RapidReader's optimized high speed reading.

You'll get page numbers, text search, Notes, Highliter, Bookmarks and a progress bar to show you how much of the document you've read.
Please Note: PDF and Outlook require RapidReader PRO*
Text is displayed in the Paragraph View

RapidReader first presents the text in "ParagraphView". This is similar to what you might see in a word processor page.

The difference is that you can instantly multiply your reading speed. Simply double-click on the word where you want to begin. This will launch the TurboView. You choose your own reading speed from 100 wpm to 950.
Note: the ParagraphView is always available when you press the Space Bar
Accelerated Reading Speed View

Then RapidReader streams the words for you in sequence like a movie. The patented Human Cadence™ software displays the text in the natural rhythms of human speech in the center of your field of view. This unique capability dramatically enhances comprehension and makes RapidReader easy and comfortable even at very high reading speeds.

Display text in the rhythms of natural speech

All you have to do is choose your reading speed then sit back and watch as the software does the work for you.

What About Comprehension?

The Science
In studies conducted at Johns Hopkins and other major universities* researchers discovered that we're capable of reading and comprehending 1600 words per minute with no prior training or practice. How? By changing the text display and presenting it like a movie or video. In the lab, the result was that you could comfortably sit back, comprehend and absorb the material simply by watching it. Many times faster than average reading speed.

RapidReader is the result of more than 10 years of research and development and now you can have that accelerated reading power as software for everyday use.

* for more information about the research please visit the "RapidReader Science" page.

Comprehension Comprehension

A joint study of RapidReader conducted by SoftOlogy IdeaWorks and University of Southern California using standardized reading tests, showed significant improvement in speed while maintaining similar comprehension scores using RapidReader over standard reading methods.

This was while subjects were reading at more than three times the average computer reading speed with no prior training or preparation.

To learn more about the years of research and the science behind RapidReader please visit the science page below.

Patented Human Cadence™ The Unique RapidReader Difference: The Rhythms of Human Language

During more than 10 years of research into reading and comprehension, SoftOlogy invented and patented a breakthrough concept called "Human Cadence"™ . RapidReader's unique technology analyses the elements of the content in the file then displays the words in the natural rhythms of human speech.

This critical advance makes reading comprehension easy and comfortable even at very high speeds, because the rhythm of language is highly significant to our understanding of information.

Retention Retention is closely linked to attention.

We've all had the experience of forgetting what we just read. Actually our brains are much faster at processing information than we are able to move our eyes to read it.

RapidReader's compelling high speed display dramatically improves your reading focus by accelerating the reading process. It holds your attention while making it easier for you to digest more information in less time.


Only RapidReader has the patented "Human Cadence™ " technology for displaying text in the natural rhythms of human speech.


Two Versions of RapidReader: Standard and PRO


Created for Accelerated Reading
Although you can read practically anything with it, RapidReader's like a race car. It was created with a specific purpose in mind: in this case it's to power you through a lot of text at blazing speed. Average reading speed on a computer is only about 100 words per minute. With RapidReader you will be reading and comprehending several times faster than that the first time you use it. And it only gets better from there. RapidReader was created from real neuroscience and founded on solid evidence both in the lab and from thousands of people all over the world who use it everyday to gather the information they need. It's new technology and it may take you a couple minutes to get used to it. But once you gain the ability to read many times faster, why wouldn't you want to have that choice?

No courses, No Practice. No Kidding.

But please, don't take our word for it. Download RapidReader Standard Free to see for yourself. Then ask yourself how many hours a week you could save for other things if you could cut your reading time in half?

Comparison: RapidReader Standard and PRO

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Just Some of the Reasons You'll Want RapidReader PRO

Read Up to 950 Words Per Minute
    Practical Use
  • It's There Whenever You Need It
  • Instantly Load PDF, MS Word, Web Pages, E-mail attachments
  • Read Research, Business Reports, Academic Assignments

    Speed and Ergonomic Comfort
  • Select your Reading Speed from 150-950 wpm
  • Just Sit Back and Watch-- There's No Scrolling,
  • Customize Your Font, Size and Screen Position
  • Large Text Relieves Eyestrain

  • Information Efficiency
  • 3 Views-- Paragraph, Turbo and Pause Mode
  • Page Numbers, Text Search, Progress Bar
  • Add Notes, Highlites and Bookmarks
  • Save PDF, Web Pages as RapidReader Files
  • Share as E-mail Attachments or via DropBox