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So Much to Read. So Little Time.

Studies show we can read many times faster than we thought possible...
All it takes is a little help from your computer.

RapidReader is about all the reading you want to get through quickly. Whether it's PDF's for work, internet assignments for school or keeping up with your business or profession. Those are the times when you want RapidReader's patented speed reading display. Developed from more than 15 years of research RapidReader is a serious, powerful tool to make your reading easier and much, much faster. Whether you need it once a day or all day long, it will save you time every time you use it.

Average Reading Speed on a Computer is only about 100 Words per Minute.
Now you can easily be reading 5 times faster with a single click.

Two Versions of RapidReader: Standard and Pro

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What's the difference between RapidReader Standard and PRO?

RapidReader PRO: Accelerated reading for PDF, Outlook Emails and attachments
When time is the issue RapidReader PRO will help you speed through the reading you have to get done.

Get RapidReader PRO

RapidReader PRO has additional sophisticated analysis software for PDF files. With PRO you simply "drag and drop" a PDF onto the RapidReader icon. It intelligently extracts the text from PDF documents and automatically opens it in RapidReader for you.

RapidReader PRO also includes direct "add-in" support to auto-open and read Outlook email and attached documents. You can select up to 100 emails and their attachments, and with one click RapidReader PRO will place them in sequential order for accelerated reading. You can skip through them and read attachments with a single keystroke.

For a "Head to Head" comparison please click here.

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Please Note: RapidReader is currently Windows Only.

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How RapidReader Works
How RapidReader Works

Just drag and drop any document onto the RapidReader desktop icon.
AutoSupport for PDF*, MS Word, Web Pages, even a stack of email and attachments in Outlook*.
*requires RapidReader PRO version

RapidReader automatically analyses the text and opens in Page View. You Just double click on any word to immediately multiply your reading speed effortlessly.

The patented high speed text is displayed in the natural rhythms of human speech. You set your speed between 100-950 wpm then just sit back and let the software do the work for you. At any time you can rewind, fast forward, pause and change speeds instantly.

The Rhythms of Natural Speech

What About Comprehension?

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