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For Best Results Start with the Brief RapidReader Tutorial

The fastest method for finding your own "New Normal" is the short tutorial included with the download

For most people, using RapidReader for the first time is a new kind of experience. In the beginning everyone has a different speed they're comfortable with. You'd think that increasing your speed a little at a time "to get used to it" is the way to get the most out of RapidReader. Makes sense. Unfortunately it's not actually true. Science (and your own experience) has shown that your perception of speed is a matter of comparison. The brief tutorial uses a powerful method called "flooding" to change your perception of speed and within a couple of minutes you'll see how much you can read and understand even at very high speeds.

During the program you'll literally see what it's like to read 500 words per minute. You might be very surprised at how much you comprehend even the first time. And along the way you'll see how to use the range of features and functions to truly customize and get the most time savings out of RapidReader. Soon you'll discover your own "New Normal" comfort zone for when you're Reading for Purpose.


First Install RapidReader following the Included Instructions or Click Here for more information

Double-Click on the Tutorial.txv icon

The RapidReader file Folder

Double Click on the Icon to Begin

Then Open the RapidReader Download Folder

Below is an Overview of What You Will Experience

The Tutorial Start Page

Double-Click on the Tutorial.txv icon

Start the Tutorial Screen

Average reading speed on a computer screen is only about 100 wpm.*
However, RapidReader users report they easily and comfortably read 400-500 wpm with speeds regularly up to 950 depending on the material. The quickest way to get to your optimum speed is to use the short guided tutorial that came in your download folder.

Double click on the tutorial icon
this will launch the tutorial
Just Single Click to Start

What You'll Be Seeing

Setting the Speed at 150 wpm

Set Speed at 150 wpm

In addition to quickly accelerating your reading speed using the "Flooding Method", the tutorial will give you an overview and guide for getting the most out of the features and functions in RapidReader.


Press the SpaceBar to move on between portions of the tutorial.

Launching RapidReader

The ParagraphView

The Paragraph View

When you press the Space Bar you'll be brought to the next portion of the program. These are the points where you'll systematically up your speed.

At this point you will see the "ParagraphView" and be instructed on setting the speed before you begin. Then you'll press PLAY to launch the "TurboView" for accelerated reading.

The TurboView

150 Words Per Minute

The TurboView

You'll begin your quick journey to your "new normal" reading speed at 150 wpm. This first section of reading is to get you acquainted with the display of text. Although that may seem slow to many of you it's actually 1.5 X faster than average computer reading speed. Every time you read on a computer you are probably reading slower than 150 wpm..

You'll only be reading at this speed for a short time to get used to it.

Using TurboView Notes and Features

The TurboView and "On The Fly" Markup Tools

Using he TurboView

The program will pause to display some information you'll find very useful for when you start using RapidReader for your own reading. This screen is about how to add Notes, Highlites and Bookmarks even "on the fly" in TurboView. These additional tools can be used for a wide range of information tasks from memorization to research reports.


Press the SpaceBar to move up to the next speed.

Controlling Your Speed

Navigating "On the Fly" in TurboView

Setting the Speed With TurboView

At each stage of accelerating your baseline reading speed you will see more features and functions to make your life easier. This screen is about using keystrokes to change speed and navigate backwards and forwards while in TurboView. So if you miss something you can see it again or if you want to jump ahead it's only a click away.


Press the SpaceBar to Move to the Next Speed

Opening Files and Web in RapidReader

Opening the Content You Want to Read

Opening Documents With RapidReader

This screen is about opening documents of all kinds in RapidReader.

By now you'll probably have reached the point where the speed is a bit challenging. But if you follow the guided steps, in a couple of minutes you'll see what reading 500 wpm is like.

And like most people you'll probably be surprised at how much you comprehend even though it's just the first time at this speed.

Press the SpaceBar to Move to the Next Speed


Now it's Up to You How Fast You Want to Read


That's All There Is To It. It's Easy.

You'll probably find that the speeds you thought challenging at the beginning will now seem slow to you. And that's in just a couple of minutes of use. Its only the beginning. You'll find the speeds that work best for you depending on the kind of material you're reading. You can speed up or slow down, pause or go back to the page view with just a click.

This whole tutorial is only a few minutes long. Afterwards you're ready to save hours of reading time.