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RapidReader Automatically Assists Low Vision Reading

RapidReader on a Laptop

RapidReader's Dynamic Magnification™ Display dramatically reduces the effort required for reading on an electronic screen. In fact, it's patented software display engine has been included in low vision training programs for years.

In addition to accelerated reading, there are two reasons why RapidReader is such an effective tool for anyone with compromised vision.

1) The font size can be far larger than would be practical with a traditional display. Because it displays single words in a movie -like sequence, each word can occupy the whole screen.

2) Because the words are always presented at the same place on the screen you don't have to move your eyes or scroll through the text searching for the next word.

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RapidReader extracts the text from PDF files*, web pages, email and documents and places the word you are reading in the center of your field of vision. Reading now becomes a "hands-free", lean-back experience much like watching a movie.

These factors contribute significantly to reducing reading fatigue and eyestrain. As a result, this easy to use software instantly levels the visual playing field.

What's more YOU choose your own reading speed and the computer does the work for you. RapidReader's patented "Human Cadence™" technology makes reading comfortable and natural even at very high reading speeds.

When you compare RapidReaders cost and and ease of use with other electronic magnification method the advantages are clear.

COST: RapidReader PRO is far less expensive than other assistive electronic technologies. RapidReader Standard is Free. Click to Find Out More

CCTV devices typically cost more than $2,000.Other kinds of electronic solutions such as magnification software can cost hundreds of dollars. More than 10 times the price of even RapidReader's PRO version. It is both tiring and inefficient for daily use

For those with visual impairment CCTV and traditional magnification software still requires scanning word by word across a page of text. While magnification software makes the fonts larger, they still require the "page" layout. This means that the reader must navigate within an electronic document to find the next word or line.

Studies have shown that with CCTV and computer screen magnifiers reading speed drops to less than 30 WPM. At speeds that slow there is a concern that attention will wander and retention will suffer. RapidReader is a breakthrough technology where magnification doesn't interfere with reading speed.

With RapidReader, the reading environment is optimize and the computer does all the work. The reader can then decide for themselves how how they want to adjust their speed while RapidReader optimizes the display without the need for scrolling or magnifier manipulation.

So if you have a visual challenge whether it's mild presbyopia or a more disabling condition such as macular degeneration or glaucoma RapidReader can provide assistance to optimize your reading ability.

About RapidReader for Reading Assistance

  • Far Less Expensive than other Magnification Software
  • Much Faster and More Comfortable to Use
  • Selectable Large Font Up to 20X Standard Size
  • Automated Display
  • Customizable Font and Position
  • Distraction Free Screen Environment
  • No Scrolling or Text Positioning Necessary
  • "One Click" Support for MS Word, Web, Email even PDF files*
  • Select Reading Speed from 100-950 wpm

    *Requires RapidReader PRO


RapidReader Magnification

Selectable Font and Font Size in ParagraphView and TurboView to suit your comfort.
Up to 172 points…

There is also a specialized low vision training version of RapidReader called MagnaFlyer Home Edition. In addition to the RapidReader software it includes practice exercises adapted from vision rehabilitation to improve visual ability. Please CLICK HERE for more information.




Before You Begin:
When you download your RapidReader, please start with a tutorial that's unlike any you've ever seen. It's clinically proven to simply be the fastest way there is to get up to speed with RapidReader.

*It's also available anytime you want under the "HELP" menu.