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TurboView Keyboard Shortcuts

RapidReader is a lot like watching a movie. Sit back, relax and let the computer do the work for you.

Double-Click on any word in ParagraphView and you're RapidReading. The screen is designed from years of research to display words in the most efficient means for accelerating reading speed, reducing eye-strain and increasing attention and focus by eliminating distraction. You will also notice how easy it is to comprehend at even very high speeds. This is due to SoftOlogy's patented "Human Cadence™" technology which displays the words in the natural rhythm of human speech. This cadence results in enhanced comfort as well as improved comprehension and retention of what you're reading.

For more information about the science and research please click "The Science Behind RapidReader"

Keyboard Shortcuts

Hover over the keys below to see the function

You can customize TurboView (under OPTIONS on the ParagraphView menubar). You can also change speed and navigate "on the fly" without interrupting your reading by using keyboard commands.

The TurboView
  • Selectable TurboView Font
  • Selectable TurboView Word Position
  • Selectable TurboView Word Size from 1-4
  • Change Speed with Up/ Down Arrow keys
  • Hold down Shift to "Double Time" speed temporarily
  • Press Left Arrow Key to Rewind a line/paragraph/page
  • Press Right Arrow Key to Skip Forward line/paragraph/page
  • Press the Spacebar to go to ParagraphView
  • Single-Click to Pause on a word or access your Markup