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The RapidReader ParagraphView and Menubar

Please "mouse over" the menu items below for useful information

As you can see, when you first open a document in RapidReader it looks much like a page in a word processor.

It has all the standard elements you're familiar with: scrollbars, search, even a "go to page" command. You can "scroll and scan" a document the way you usually would. But there's one very big difference. When you double-click on any word in this view, the TurboView immediately appears to accelerate your reading speed for you. By the way, ParagraphView is always available when you're RapidReading, simply press the Spacebar.

You can customize RapidReader in a variety of ways (under OPTIONS on the ParagraphView menubar).

See more about adding Notes and Highliting here

In Paragraph view you can
  • Set your reading speed from 100-950 WPM
  • Customize the ParagraphView Font
  • Customize the TurboView Font
  • Select the Position for the TurboView Word
  • Select TurboView Word Size from 1-4
  • Navigate using "find" or "go to page"
  • Skip through a file with the Markup Viewers
  • Place your own Notes and Highlites in the text

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