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The RapidReader ParagraphView Toolbar

Please "mouse over" the items on the toolbar below for informationspacer

Above you can see the ParagraphView with embedded Notes, Highlited text and Dog-Ear markup. You can click on the Note marker to access them individually. You can also use the Viewer function (menubar View>Viewers) to skip through a document based on your markup.

RapidReader is more than a speed reading tool. With it you can capture PDF's, Web Pages, MS Word docs and more. Then you can add your own markup directly in RapidReader.

It's easy to save web pages for off-line reading, add comments to PDF's, excerpt text from "white papers" you can even save an entire log of e-mails as a single RapidReader file. Then add Notes, Highlite text "Dog-Ear" a page for easy reference

Once you open a document or web page in RapidReader you can add your own markup for review or sharing. Simply save as a RapidReader file to preserve the document plus your Notes, Highlites and Dog-Ears.

Using the ParagraphView tool bar you can...

  • Create a Note and attach it to a word location
  • Export all your Notes as a separate file for quick review.
  • Highlite text for emphasis (in TurboView Highlites are bright green)
  • Export any text you Highlite for quotes or excerpts.
  • Use the Viewers to skip through a document using your markup
  • E-mail a RapidReader (r2d) file with markup as an attachment.
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